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vrf Forcing an instrument into Local Lock ...

Question asked by michael.asbery on Feb 17, 2000

Using the i/o -> advanced i/o -> interface event object, you can execute a
"local lockout" command to the entire gpib bus.  This will disable all
front panel controls on any instrument connected to the bus until the
program ends or until you execute a "local" command to return front panel
control back to the devices.  Hope this helps.


At 04:05 PM 2/17/2000 +0000, James Atkin wrote:
>I am attempting to force an HP-8713 Vector Network Analyser into Local
>Lock to ensure that the 'Return To Local' softkey CANNOT be pressed until
>the software has completed it's current task.
>Has anyone ever done this ?
>Thanks for any ideas ...

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