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vrf VRF - 'Advanced' Excel headaches

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 17, 2000
Thanks to much help from many of you, I have been able to implement Excel
Automation rather successfully.

Now I've reached the point where I'm concerned with the little loopholes
that come with automating Excel (or any other program for that matter.)

A program I've written executes Excel, creates/names/deletes worksheets,
opens multiple workbooks, saves others, copies data between worksheets and
workbooks, creates charts etc.

As long as I'm the one running the program it works fine, but I've noticed
too many potential glitches that could result in system errors, and
especially, lost data.

I would like some advice on the following issues regarding the general well
being of Excel controlled by VEE.

1)  Is it necessary/possible for VEE to find out if Excel is currently
running to determine if VEE should:
  a) open a new instance of Excel
  b) use an existing instance of Excel

2)  Is it possible to have VEE ask Excel for
  a) the count and Names of all Workbooks currently open
  b) for the count and Names of every Sheet within each open Workbook
  c) for the saved/not saved status of each open Workbook  ***  To prevent
closing a file that is not saved

3)  Are there any known issues to look out for when Excel is never made
Visible?  (i.e. not Minimized, but truly and completely Invisible)
  a) I've noticed that sometimes, if a new Workbook is created and saved,
and Excel remained completely invisible all the while, double clicking on
the file to open it results in a really odd view, and the file cannot be
edited.  The only way the Workbook functions properly in this case is if the
file is opened with the File/Open command in Excel.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer on these things.


Paul Bryan
ABL Electronics Corporation
410-584-2738 x133

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