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vrf Problems with short delays

Question asked by aufenanger on Jul 24, 2000
Hi Axel,

what you see is the minimum delay time of your operating system. In windows
95/98 you will see it as 55 ms. If you really want smaller times you will
need a hardware solution. If the time does not have to be absolutely exact,
you can use a defined loop. But here you will never have the guarantee for a
exact delay time.

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Subject: vrf Problems with short delays

Hi there,
I have a problem if I try to get a very short delay within a Vee5-Program:
If I use the Delay-Device there seems to be a minimum time (on my NT4 -
166MHz-Pentium of about 10ms) for the delay - independent what I want to
have. A delay realized with a For-Count-Device can become much more shorter
(of about 0.04ms!).
Bug or feature?
Any suggestions to solve this Problem?
An example is attached.

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