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vrf My power supply is now under control

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 3, 2000

I can't believe the quantity of great feedback I got from my question this

Here's the breakdown of what I learned:

1.  I thought I had the EOL set to <CR><LF> but it was not.  It was just
     Using the I/O monitor made this rediculously apparent.

2.  My power supply has an undocumented OUTP command.
    The default is set to ON at start up.  It can then be turned OFF and
back ON.
    It is not mentioned anywhere in my manual.

3.  The voltage setting does not work as shown in the manual.
     It shows entry of four digits with an assumed decimal point before the
last one.
     Nope!  No need for leading zero's and the decimal point is typed in.

4.  Perhaps newer power supplies have different commands but our Elgar 501SL
    w/ 9012 module needs the command to be VOLTS and not VOLT

5.  When people e-mail me and cc the VEE mailing list, I get two copies.

         Thanks to all.

Now the work begins.  I want to set a low voltage limit and a high voltage
limit then step from low to high
and monitor the digital inputs on our HP 34970A  DatAcq's 34907A input
module to sense relay contacts changing state!  This amusment never ends!

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