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vrf HP34401A pnp driver?

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 6, 2000

> From: greg grenier []
> Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2000 10:33 AM
> To: VEE users
> Subject: vrf HP34401A pnp driver?
> when I load the HP34401A plug and play driver I get a
> big yellow "Caution" box with the following:
> Error ocurred during load of device VXI plug & play
> Invalid Expression: Syntax error on line 105 in file
> along with some "helpful" hints that things like float
> and int are not
> allowed.  I looked at the .h file and the function is
> declared void.
> Could that be the problem?  I checked the read me and there
> are no known problems.
> I am using version 5.01 of VEE and the latest VISA
> archive from NI's
> website.  (I am using an NI GPIB card.)
> Thanks
> Greg Grenier

Hi Greg,

When I install the HP 34401 Plug&Play driver from the A.10.00 Plug&Play
Instrument Driver CD,
I get a 36,891 byte HP34401.H file.
I see a similar error message on my VEE 5.01 for Windows on Windows NT.

But when I install the HP 34401 Plug&play driver from the WWW
( ... /34401.exe ),
I get a 36,886 byte HP34401.H file.
I see no error on my VEE 5.01 for Windows on Windows NT.

The 2 archives claim to be the same driver revision.  I am exploring why
they install different HP34401.H files, with different text.

---> In the meantime, I suggest using the proven 34401.exe file on the WWW

Hope this helps!

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