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vrf linearity of curves OOPS!

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 15, 1999
Hello All,

I'm using HP VEE 5 to read an array with 1024 elements from the HP 16500C (Logic Analysis System) into a file on my PC.
Everything works, but I have to read in every element separately. So I have to repeat 1024 the two lines :
     WRITE TEXT "MACH1:SLIST:DATA? "DATA", entry_point" EOL
where entry_point is an integer ranging from 0 to 1023.
This takes about 1 minute per file, and I have to read in 8 such files, which takes me (along with the setting of
some instruments) up to ten minutes.
If anyone outthere knows a technique to read in the list in 1 statement (or save the list to the internal disk of the
HP 16500C, and then copy it to my computer - via floppy?), I would be very greatfull I you could let me know.

Thanks in advance,

Wouter Dejaeghere

Testing & Calibration
Siemens BCB GF
Oostkamp - Belgium

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