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Synchronizing 2 N6752A modules N6700B

Question asked by joelcarlos on Apr 25, 2012
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Good day to all

I would like to ask an opinion if this kind of set-up is possible.

Hardware Set-up:               
     1 - Agilent N6700B Power supply mainframe.          
     2 - Agilent N6752A power supply module with High-speed test extensions.          

     - using the Listmode function provided by the High-speed Test extensions the 2 waveforms will be programmed on the Agilent N6752A power supply modules.     

Problem for inquiry:          

          - to synchronize the execution of the 2 waveforms, I am planning to use the trigger out function of list mode on power supply module 1 to trigger the execution of power supply module 2. Is this possible on N6700B?
          - If this is not possible, do you have any recommendation regarding this scenario?

Thank you very much to All!

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