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Announcement:Keysight Discussion Forum Migration to a New Platform!
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Hey,   My setup is as follows:   USB instrument (Tektronix AFG1062) connected with USB to the gateway. Gateway connected with LAN cable through USB-C adapter to the laptop.   Web-enabled interface is able to recognize the USB instrument, but the Keysight connection expert is not.   I've ensured the firmwares are the latest ones.   Please let… (Show more)
Click to view contentI am trying to learn how to drive a U2352A via the IVI-COM driver. The method to set the DIO port direction is visible in the examples but I can't find it in Vee. In my project  I find no way to reproduce what is in the example. The repetition of the "ToString" method doesn't inspire confidence.
in VEE Software
Hello! I just installed new firmware 7.35.20201208. It went well, and I see new features like bandpass filtering, graphing on some protocols.. There are also some new options like USB decode, which are apparently not enabled for me because although I bought scope with full bundle in 2018, new options don't get enabled.. While I have a bone to… (Show more)
in Oscilloscopes
I am connecting to an N9020B via the USB interface and running a Python script that does screen captures to a USB drive using the MMEM:STOR:SCR <filename> command. As far as I can tell, there is no way to copy the screen captures back to the PC via USB interface but I would like to verify that the file was created correctly. For instance, if the… (Show more)
in Signal Analyzers
I am are using ENA E5080A and 85032F calibration kit. I performed 1-Port cal using 85032F(M) directly connected to port-2 of VNA and done port extension to remove the offset delay.  I tried to extract the coefficients of inductance(using 3rd degree polynomial)of calibration kit definitions for SHORT standard. I measured inductance to find the L0,… (Show more)
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lhornburg, thanks for sharing some sample code and offer your support.   I try to capture the DC voltage measurement (max 2.3VDC) with up to 6 decimal place accuracy and plot it over a period of time to evaluate its stability.    Below is the code I have been working on to capture 80 measurements of a VDC, max 2.3V, resolution of 10uV. Problems… (Show more)
in Digital Multimeters
When performing the calibration from our software, I like to be able to set the display up so that the user can see if the calibration standard has been connected correctly.   Unlike any other analyzer I've used, it doesn't seem to be possible to change the display once the cal has been started, or even sweep a measurement on another channel.  … (Show more)
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I recently started working with a P5008a VNA. I want to command it with LabVIEW. So as I found in the website, I had to install Command Expert. This would allow me to have the LabVIEW Add-on for Command Expert.   Here comes the problem, I can't seem to find the Add-on on my LabVIEW.   I already had LabVIEW on my computer before installing… (Show more)
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I have a USBTMC device prototype   In (with VISA-COM 5.0 library reference), I can open a session using: Dim manager as New Ivi.Visa.Interop.ResourceManager Dim session as Ivi.Visa.IMessage = manager.Open(<valid resource name>) I wanted to get a list of available USB resources using FindRsrc method (manager.FindRsrc("USB0::?*")). I was… (Show more)
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Hi I am using 34980A System with 34922A Multiplexer Modules. I read that there is availability of Internal Analog Buses from the connector at the rear of the mainframe with which one can connect to the Internal DMM and possibly also extend the number of modules. My goal is to multiplex more than 100 channels. So, My question is:   Is it possible… (Show more)
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