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When we simulate our circuit in ADS software then error message is shown and error message is- 'MOSFET1'is an instance of an undefined model MOSFET1'. So tell me how I remove this error for simulation of our circuit. #simulation problem GShankaraVForumsadminandgenthAgilentModeratorDartster57tsilchia001stoyan_ganchev
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在SystemVue仿真中,有时需要把仿真数据传送到网络中的另一个台电脑或者另外一个应用中,这时可以在SystemVue中使用TCPsink元件,使用TCP协议进行数据传送。 本文档介绍了SystemVue软件Radar库中的Radar_TCPsink元件的使用,并使用Python编写了简单的服务器端数据介绍程序。
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When I calibrate HP8753B (open, short, load, done), the text on the right side of the display turns upside down. Where can the problem be? I tried to replace the display module without success.
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I have an issue with installing any program on the newly upgraded PNA-X N5242B  with Windows 10 (upgrade from N5242A and Windows 7). For what ever reason when I click on any installation file I see spinning circle for couple second and nothing happen after that. No error , no warnings. I try to run the installs as administrator and still… (Show more)
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I need help the Scope software upgrade from XP version 1.20 to 4.20  It is having problems.failing last set to load scope application. Work Around the Known Issues
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In our lab, we have had sometimes strange behaving on 432A+478A-H76 mount. We measuring Vcomp and Vref voltages backside of the 432A using 3458A. Normaly when mount zeroing is fine etc, 3458A should show around 85mV when power meter DUT Ref-Out power is ON. Time after time even zeroing is perfect (less than +/- 200uV) and turn Ref-Out ON voltage… (Show more)
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Hi, I have been searching a SCPI command for deleting the specific measurement on DSOS054A. In programming manual, I found how to add a measurement but I don't find any SCPI command to remove any measurement from the measurement table. There exist only :MEASure:CLEar or :MEASure:SCRatch commands which remove all the measurements added by… (Show more)
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Hello, I currently have a 6675A DC power supply and have connected a constant resistance heater to it. The resistance of this heater is 12.65 ohm. On programming the output voltage to 6 V, the expected current draw from the supply should be around 0.5 A following Ohm's Law. However, with the output voltage set to 6 V, I first get a current of 3.5… (Show more)
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Hi, I want to capture and parse the screen capture of the N6705B via SCPI commands to the controlling computer (computer running VBscript). How do I capture the screen and pass it/save it on the controlling computer?   I know that the command "MMEM:EXP:DLOG "external:\data1.csv"" saves the screen capture to the USB drive attached to this power… (Show more)
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Click to view contenthow can the instrument automatically mark these three points (red circles)? For example (mark1,mark2,mark3). Then it's convenient for me to  "CALC: MARK1: X?"  read mark1's frequency and  "CALC: mark1 :Y?" read mark1's power. "CALC: MARK2: X?"  read mark2's frequency and  "CALC: mark2 :Y?" read mark2's power. "CALC: MARK3: X?"  read… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi, this is my first question in Keysight community. I have met a problem in LTE demodulation: I have made a 20ms LTE 20MHz signal (sample frequency is 61.44MHz) in SystemVue. To verify the finite word length effect, I send the quantized data to VSA by building a SystemVue simulation system. When I demodulate the data in VSA, I can get the… (Show more)
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I have a E4438C,recently the unit started developing issues with the motherboad,i replace U901 AT45DB081B,it works however the serial# lose,and it display 617 configure error.What information does the flash contain?And how do i do?
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