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Hello, I am trying to simulate MIMO_3DChannel model part. I want to get output at its output ports ht and HF. Can anyone please tell me how should I do it? Thanks in advance.
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Hello, I have encountering issue on DGN report. The DGN report is just show simple report only, exp. Module 2 slot 11a FAILED. I want to see details report as below sample:   Test 2348, Subtest 0, Module 3, Slot 1 FAILED. Module power supplies -PPM(-10 V) Low Limit : -1.05021500E+01 Result expected : -1.00000000E+01 High Limit : -9.49805100E+00… (Show more)
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I was using N8485A sensor with N1913A for over 3 years. From last week the sensor calibration process encounters error "-231:data questionable". In fact when I connect the sensor to the internal 50 MHz 1mW source, the meter reads -31 dB instead of near 0dBm, but the reading value is totally stable. I also directly connected the sensor to the… (Show more)
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Hello   Does anyone have the sample Python script controls E4990A and gets trace data from it ? I am going to try USB and PyVISA to connect to E4990A. It would be helpful if someone shares the script with me.   Thanks in advance. Toru 
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Click to view contentHi, I have imported a PSpice netlist file in ADS: While using it as a subcircuit, and simulating in the ADS, the error is coming that I have attached in the screenshot, there is an undefined variable '1'. Is there any way to define these parameters externally in the schematic. As I am confused about the error of why it is exactly happening.  
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I am trying to import the substrate file which is in * format, but while doing so, it is showing an error! :: Password protected ltd files can not be imported.       P.S.- I am using ads2020
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Click to view contentHi everyone, I believe I have a simple question but I can't seem to figure it out.  I'm using a PNA (N5245A Firmware A10.65.08) and would like the set up triggered sweeps as a trace with a DMM from Keysight (34461A). My specific need is for voltage measurements to be taken very quickly at each point of a VNA sweep. To help with the speed the… (Show more)
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Hi, In ADS, I was not able to plot impedance in 'ohm' units. I could only get the impedance plot in units given in the screenshot below. Could you please tell me how to plot impedance in OHM units in ADS? Please  do reply as early as possible.
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to verify the "flatness" of a levelled sine signal source, the E9304A power sensor (w/ E4419B power meter) is considered as the meaurement tool. the measurment setup would be: 1. measure the power level at 1MHz, let's say the measured level is the reference, ie. 0.01dBm 2. increase the frequency to 50MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz...1GHz, record the measured… (Show more)
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Hi all, I am using a E4432B RF signal generator. It is pretty old. I recently connected the signal generator to a spectrum analyzer to see if I really get the signal that I am outputting. Mostly, the spectrum analyzer readings are pretty accurate, but at times (very rare), I get SA (spectrum analyzer) readings that are completely absurd,… (Show more)
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Hello, I recently got an ESA E4407B analyzer. From time to time I hear a faint creak or regular ticking from inside the unit. It happens at the end of (but not everyone's) sweep. To hear it more clearly, I changed the sweep time to 1s. I Will be grateful for any idea, what could be the cause, or is it a some sign of a possible failure? The… (Show more)
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