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I have a 39470A data acquistion switch using Benchlink 3 on a Window 7 computer and all works well. I will need to swap the computer with Windows 10 Enterprise machine. I installed the I/O libraries and Benchlink on the new computer but get the following error when trying to find the device. I have tried using the USB / serial adapter and… (Show more)
I would like to use the E5052A with the E5053A downconverter and 11970W harmonic mixers for phase noise measurements in The E band( for automotive band measurements).  The phase noise that I would like to measure in the 75 to 81GHz at different offsets is as shown in the table below. Will I be able to get the sensitivity on the… (Show more)
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I have trouble with the USBTMC interface of a new B2901A SMU. Specifically, I am using the USB::TMC driver, based on libusb [1]. The same code works properly with other instruments, like the Keysight34470A DMM, Agilent34410A, and YokogawaGS200. The USBTMC interface of the B2901A is properly identified by the driver, but sending… (Show more)
I'm loading waveforms from C++ and noticed that I sometimes get an error saying that even handles can only be used on channel 1 and odd on channel 2. How do I determine what handle is returned by AGN6030A_CreateArbWaveform? I only want to use channel 1, but the example code says I have to load up both.
I am using DSO90804A for some delta time measurements in the order of 50ps. The scope datasheet lists the measurement error limit in pg-26.    Is the error limit applicable only when sin(x)/x interpolation is enabled? Or even with no interpolation enabled?
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We have a Windows 10 PC with Keysight Connection Expert 2018 installed. Connecting a 34980A Data Acquisition Unit by USB gives an error in Device Manager: "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)  There are no compatible drivers for this device.  To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver."   But there are no… (Show more)
I have a DSO-X 96204Q scope. I am measuring time (delta T) between signals on channels 1 and 2.  The measurement is shown in a panel at the bottom of the scope screen. Now I would like to record that measurement over time. My application: I want to record the time difference as I change the temperature of my DUT. I'd like to record for several… (Show more)
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We are using keysight 8164B laser and N7744A detector for our experiment. We are using continuous wavelength sweep to see high Q modes in our devices. We are unable to see all the resonance modes present in the devices, which are observable in other real time power meter data. As we increase the averaging time for the detector we are getting more… (Show more)
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Hello,  When pressing the status key on a 8663A SN 4038A0XXX option 003,  I get always from right to left 00 (after warm up of the oven), a space and 1. After clearing per service manual all the special functions I always get this strange 1. Nothing in the service manual. Can anybody explain ? Thank you.
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