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I'm using Windows 10 - 64 bit. I have an MSO7104B which I can access via my browser using IE11 with Java enabled.  However, I recently upgraded to a system with a 4k display and now the scope screen is shown so small that I can't read the text on the controls.  I've tried adjusting the DPI settings under compatibility tab for java.exe (which is… (Show more)
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Hello, i currently send the following commands: 'INITiate:CONTinuous 0' # Set Measurement mode to single instead of continuous XXX # Do 200 Measurements 'INITiate:IMMediate' #Clear everything that happened before and start the 200 Measurements '*WAI' # Wait for completition ':MMEMory:STORe:RESults:SPECtrogram "19_01_11_test.csv"' # Store the… (Show more)
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I haven't been able to figure out this problem. I'm using Momentum to analyze layout with component models from Murata and Coilcraft. When I place them on the layout, they don't make a connection to traces and ports. If I disconnect components and short the traces, the simulation runs fine. I'm only debugging the connectivity from the component to… (Show more)
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I put a set of arrays into an x vs y plot with matrix input enabled. One set is frequency (X axis) in GHz (range .01 to 18), and the other is VSWR (range 1.0 to ~1.2). The x and y axis arrays are the same size & shape (3 X 52). This set causes the x vs y plot to show extra traces, some looking like a scope retrace. The other data set is similar,… (Show more)
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Hey,    I want to measure power(amplitude) of my device using N9030. But when I am using attenuator, the power dsplayed not show the actual power ( attenuatof effect)> Can you help me how I can add power offset on my N9030 ?   Thankyou very much 
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I recently had a battery leak on my U1242B. I cleaned up the corroded contacts the best I could. I also had one of the contacts on the back of the PCB corrode slightly where the battery cradle contacts touches the main board. There wasnt any other battery damage I could see. It was working fine until today.   Now I constantly get an AErr with… (Show more)
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新入职的通信算法工程师、通信系统架构设计工程师以及涉及系统验证的射频工程师,可以使用SystemVue完成通信系统仿真,进行算法开发、架构设计或系统验证,以下为必读的自学材料。   对于算法工程师,建议通过以下课程学习完整通信系统设计流程及更多进阶技巧:   通信系统设计流程: SystemVue 通信实验教程    通信基础原理实现: [WMV] 通訊系統-AM/FM/PM調變  [WMV] 通訊系統-ASK/FSK/PSK介紹  [WMV] 通訊系統-模擬跳頻展頻  [WMV] 通訊系統-迴旋編碼模塊介紹  [WMV] 通訊系統-建立Hamming Coding模塊  [WMV] 通訊系統-在SystemVue當中建立PCM波形  [WMV] 通訊系統-PLL模擬  [WMV]… (Show more)
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When I run board grading for my latest development, I get all of the *.dat files with data, but not all of the *.rpt files get generated.  When I run "grade tests; report", it still does not generate all of the *.rpt files for which *.dat exist.  Looking more closely at the *.dat files, I see the ones that do not generate *.rpt files are missing a… (Show more)
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Hi,   Does anyone know if MXA N9020A can measure the phase noise by itself? I mena, I know that I can use a delta maker to get the phase noise, but I would like to obtain a file with the phase noise from, i.e. 0 Hz to 10MHz frequency offset.   Best regards,   Luis
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Dear community members,   I want to upload a waveform to my 33500B Waveform generator (more precisely, a 2-Channel 30MHz). I have failed to find any documentation of this. Could someone help me with this? More specifically, does the Matlab code have to have any special commands? Can I use Simulink?
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I'm testing simple scenarios such as a single waveform played once. I call AGN6030A_CreateArbWaveform to get a handle and pass it in an array to AGN6030A_CreateArbSequence. In this case the loop count array just contains 1 on the first entry. I get the error "Not a valid configuration."   What potential issues are there for this scenario? Is… (Show more)
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The actual rate, not the special register value that can be used to set it to maximum.   Thanks!
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Hệ thống tiện ích đa dạng và hoàn hảo tại VinCity Tây Mỗ   dự án VinCity Tây Mỗ là siêu dự án do tập đoàn Vingroup làm chủ đầu tư đang được đông đảo khách hàng quan tâm. Sở hữu sự cao cấp từ diện tích cho đến tiện ích nội khu lẫn ngoại khu, dự án này có thể chứa đến 10 nghìn cư dân. Chắc chắn rằng, cư dân trong tương lai sẽ có thể yên tâm tận… (Show more)
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