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Register for the Community: If you don’t have a myKeysight account: Register for the Community by clicking here.   If you already have a myKeysight account: Log in to your myKeysight account by clicking here. Login with your username and password. Click on “Add a Capability” in the upper right and select "Community".   ***Make sure you…
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I would like to use HTFET in a low power rectifier circuit, how can i find the model for such transistor???
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Using ADS on Linux, the schematic views have huge blue squares for all connection points instead of a small dot, making the schematics very difficult to read as close connection points overlay each other, and overlay text properties of components. Has anyone seen this before?  
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Hello, I have a non-reciprocal 2nd order non-linear circuit as below, I want to study the intermodulation at the output Ha, Hb are both the pi-section lowpass filter as below Then I run 2-tone Harmonic Balance simulation, f1 = 700MHz, f2 = 900MHz.   Then I obtain the output spectrum Now if you will, focus on the frequency 140MHz and… (Show more)
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In Keysing PNA Applications web side you can find small utility that display power sensor reading. There is a statement: "This utility works with the U200x and U848x series of USB power sensors and will run on any PNA (or PC!) that has Keysight IO Libraries version M (13) or above": So it stated " or PC" ...Well I try to run that on few PCs and… (Show more)
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You are designing a power amplifier and have a nonlinear device model. You may want to know what load gives the maximum power-added efficiency (PAE) while the device is delivering a specified output power and while it is operating below some maximum allowable gain compression. How do you do this? Andy Howard, a Senior Application Engineer at… (Show more)
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Hi, I have to transfer data via SPI bus. Some times an error occurs. The characteristic is well known. The first byte of a transfer should be 0xC0, otherwise an error occoured. How can I trigger on falling edge of chip select AND first byte NOT EQUAL 0xCO? My scope is an MSOX 3054A.   Thanks for helping.     With best regards   Gerhard
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Hi, Like a fool I recently upgraded to adobe acrobat X pro (have used acrobat for many many years, dating back 5 versions).  For some reason, when I try to print schematics/graphs to the "adobe PDF" printer, it won't work -- I never get the prompt for a filename and pdf's aren't generated. This is also true of systemvue. The thing is that other… (Show more)
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I just notice that USB power sensor U2000 series require almost 5 minutes to load the driver for each new power sensor. The strange thing is that all them are the same model just different serial number. Why windows 7 needs to  reload the driver for each new serial number? It feels like I will retire (that happen in 20 years) before this thinks… (Show more)
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I have an issue with ENA E5071C after upgrading firmware (A1.04.00) for the USB U2000A power sensor. The power sensor is not recognized by ENA (IO 15 see it, not ENA firmware). There is no issue with PNA VNAs. My ENA use XP, and originally I run with with firmware A10.06, and see the issue, so I upgrade to A11.32 (lates i see) and the issue is… (Show more)
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I have a new-to-me DSA90604A with the latest firmware, and it passes all self-tests and self-calibrations. I've noticed that when it is displaying a steady waveform (such as its own calibrator output or a 10 MHz GPSDO), it seems to "stutter." That is, the waveform will freeze for a brief fraction of a second, then go back to continuously updating.… (Show more)
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