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Hello All,   May I ask questions about VEE program?   I want detect that user clicks the "close button" of vxe (VEE runtime) program from vxe program iteself. Is there any function that VEE can detect the clicking of close button of vxe program?   For example, user controlling DC power supply from vxe program. User sets large voltage from vxe… (Show more)
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Kindly help to program the profiling (Give test voltage sequence to Power supply wrt time axis). i am dealing with automotive ISO 7637 standard crank testing and need power profiling. What is the purpose of "transient- step voltage -triggering" ?  
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We have successfully built LRL/TRL calibration kits for SMPM interface per MIL-STD-348 (.069”/1.75mm airline) .  This kit consists of the following: short, thru, and a 3 different lengths of airlines.   With this LRL kit, we were able to get good results up to 67 GHz when we assumed zero for the  L0, L1, L2, L3  coefficients for the short on the… (Show more)
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Hello, I am trying explain some “mystery spur signals” which appear on my signal analyser’s display when using my signal analyser with a mm-waves harmonic mixer, and the signal ID feature if turned OFF:   I have on my bench an N9010B-544-EXA connected to an extended V-band mixer, M1970V-002 (50-80GHz), and a 67GHz PSG to act as a source. The 2… (Show more)
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Hi, I'm working on an application for loading and playing scenarios via SCPI commands. I'd like to know if there is any worked example.   This is what I done so far with my research: *RST //resetting the instrument to initial state *OPC? //waiting loop for this long operation to end STR:SOUR FILE //streaming source set to file STR:SOUR:FILE… (Show more)
I work with an N5222A 10MHz to 26.5GHz VNA. I use segmented sweeps to optimize SNR and speed. Since the VNA is a coupler based architecture, low frequency performance is not great in terms of uncertainty for this particular VNA.   I work in the signal integrity field and when it comes to step responses, the low frequency components are important.… (Show more)
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I am working on some code to control a PNA and i am trying to set up custom measurement types (Gain Compression, Noise Figure) as well as standard S-Param measurements.   I am able to create the custom measurements via CALC<cnum>:CUST:DEF <Mname>,<type>,<param> For example: CALC1:CUST:DEF 'GainComp1','Gain Compression','CompIn21'   I want to be… (Show more)
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I tried to programme my DSO1024 oscilloscope via LabVIEW I/O, but I couldn't acquire the waveform. Then, I tried to use preamble block to do so, but it also didn't work. Please help me with that problem. 
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- Channel Simulation Wrap-up - PAM4 Introduction - PAM4 Simulation    - TRX IBIS-AMI Setup    - Check Results (EYE, Contour, Bathtub) - Special Topic1: PAM4 Test Pattern - Special Topic2: Generic TX AMI
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Explore the SERDES design space using the IBIS AMI channel simulation flow 
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Hello,  I am beginner in ADS. I am attempting to generate layout of my LC matching network. but the component identifiers that occur in layout(L1,C1,L2 etc) are quiet big than the component themselves. Its quiet annoying while routing. I request community to help me resize their view.
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