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Hello Community.   When measuring rise time I have noticed that the rise time values seem to be somewhat proportional to the time/div setting. As the time/div setting gets smaller the rise time also follows suit.   When measuring rise time what is the best rule of thumb for the time/div value? It looks as for the most part that the rise time… (Show more)
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Does anyone know what jumper modification is needed to use older 85062 Ecals with the 85097 interface box and an 8720ES?    The 85097B Reference Guide states "If you are using an 8506xA microwave module with a serial number below 800, a jumper must be installed in the module to make it compatible with the interface unit."  The 85062-60006 Ecal I… (Show more)
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Hello, I am using ADS 2015. I have created a differential channel.Now I want to do TDR simulation. I googled and found schematic settings below.     In the settings after step in the input 100 ohm and 25 ohm are put and similar to the output ports as well. I want to know why is 100 ohm and 25 ohm are attached? why not 50 ohm & 50 ohm?   Is… (Show more)
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While IC-CAP is equipped with a powerful library of transforms and examples for performing model parameter extraction, we may extend this power using the built-in Python support in IC-CAP to access external Python libraries, especially when developing new behavioral models or implementing custom analysis routines.   In my previous article, I… (Show more)
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Is the 33220-66503 – External Timebase PC Assembly available for purchase ? This is the module that adds Opt 001 to the 33220A Function Generator.
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Hi guys I  am using the Dielectric Test Fixture 16451B connect with 4263B to measure capacitance value of material. Some material is conductive which is giving me a "Negative Cp Value " (like -108uF at 100Hz or -6.5uF at 1kHz) when  those sample in Dielectric Fixture. I don't know the right way to explain the negative Cp value . Can you help why… (Show more)
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Hello. I am working on creating a rectenna in ADS. I have created the schematic correctly but my simulated results to do not match my experimental. I suspect that my diode model is incorrect. When I look at the diodes data sheet to imput the values into ADS, almost none of the paramaters match. The ADS model is missing info like Forward Voltage… (Show more)
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Basic function generators generally can generate basic periodic waveforms such as sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, ramp wave, pulse wave and so on. Modern function generators nowadays have a very important feature called modulation. With the advent of radio wave telegraphy in the 19th century by Guglielmo Marconi and later the wide band FM… (Show more)
I'm using an N5225A.  My problem is how to turn off the sweeping of unused ports that are in my calset but not part of my setup. I can turn off output, but the PNA still sweeps those ports sequentially. I do 3 and 4 port calibrations for my test scenarios. When I setup, say an S12 sweep and use a calset for S1, S2 and S4, the PNA sweeps all 3… (Show more)
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I am making a Tx chain using IQ mixer, so the signal first passes through Hybrid-90 and then IQ mixer and they are combined (as shown in Figure below). The combiner at the output doesn't have any phase difference (i.e., both paths have 0 degree of phase).  I am getting +3dB in my signal at the output of combiner (which makes sense) but noise floor… (Show more)
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So how do I calculate the maximum single record acquisition time for my digitizer?  There are some obvious factors, such as acquisition memory size, sample rate, and the number of bytes (or bits) per sample.  However, some other factors aren’t so obvious, such as the effect of using an external clock, using DGT mode with binary decimation, or… (Show more)
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Hi,   I have a E8364A PNA. I think it can be used as Electrical Spectrum Analyzer, but I have no idea how setup it. I want to use it as ESA because I need to measure the electrical spectrum at 50GHz and the highest frequency of my MXA is 26GHz. Could anybody help me?   Thank you   Best regards,   Luis
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