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I have an E8358A whose A4 power supply (P/N 0950-3384) has failed.   This happened in 2003 when I first bought the unit, and was repaired under warranty.  The same failure seems to have occurred again, but the unit is no longer serviceable.  This also happened recently on one of my 60 GHz analyzers at work (of the same vintage), and Keysight… (Show more)
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Click to view content   Hello Discussion Forum.   This is new error in medalist SW9.20. I recently installed in my windows 10 PC and this is happening when I open a BT-Basic window. Also I install the 9.20pc patch, and this error continues.   Any hint would it be helpful.  
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Hi,     I used the mechanical calibration standards to perform SOLT calibration, and I want to know the residual errors. Can I use the data from the calibration standard user's Guide(some electrical specifications) to caculate the residual errors? or only by ripple method to measure the residual errors?    Thanks a lot!
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We are using a PNA-X and a probe core to test an Integrated circuit.  The IC has differential inputs and differential outputs.  For reference, the IC inputs are on Ports 1 and 3, and the IC outputs are on 2 and 4.   Due to a high amount of loss on the board and in the probe core, we want to calibrate to the pins of the probe core.  We have… (Show more)
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Can you please tell me how often should I calibrate the P9375A?
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Hi,   I am working on automating a test setup containing an HP 6680A (66xx series) power supply. I am using the NI GPIB-USB-HS (GPIB to USB adapter), with NI 488.2 drivers, and for the moment only sending manual SCPI commands via the VISA test panel to test that the communication is working properly with the power supply.   I am currently able… (Show more)
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I want to simulate Transmission line in ADS momentum for that I'm trying to use substrate ,which I got from technology library(65nm TSMC) as a LTD file which I'm able to import in ADS momentum "substrate editor" but I'm not getting how to use it in layout for simulation.Could you please suggest how to do this ? Thanks in advance.
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Dear all, I just want to ask you about E4990A Impedance Analyzer. I have faced difficulties to measure the real and imaginary parts of dielectric constant from impedance measurement. Please tell me the measurement steps. Thank you in advance! 
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Click to view content问题:在使用ADS软件的优化功能时,一般需要先确定电路的拓扑结构,再设定需要优化的元件参数和取值范围,之后设定优化目标,并开始优化。那么能否在不确定电路拓扑结构的情况下进行电路优化呢?比如说对于一个简单的 PI型网络,已经确定了这个网络的电路性能目标,但是不确定这个PI型网络中的元件是电感还是电容。   解决方法:使用理想开关元件切换电容/电感/开路/短路元件,并将开关的状态作为优化参数。如下图所示:     上图中,使用了S5P_Eqn作为理想开关元件,由上层电路传进来的参数state,经过取整后,进行开关路径选择。 当开关状态值为1时,两个S5P_Eqn中,除了S[1,3]和S[3,1]为1外,其它所有的值都为0,即选择了直通状态;… (Show more)
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Hi, I am asking advice on the following issue:   When querying a B2902A Sourcemeter in a loop with the attached LabView program for  ~ 1 hour the Sourcemeter displays an error on the screen and stops responding. The device is connected via USB.   Error Message: "Program memoryis very low. You must select on task to close, or increase the… (Show more)
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