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I have a 1680AD logic analyzer with a corrupted hard drive which will no longer boot. It is the version with a Radisys SC815E 1GHz PIII motherboard so I am looking for an .ISO image of the 01680-14100 recovery CD/DVD.   Previously this was available at this location which is now empty:… (Show more)
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I use the Agilent IO Libraries with .NET in building software for data acquisition and analysis.  I've just run into a really weird problem with an E7405A Spectrum Analyser refusing to give me error details, when they are definitely there in the instrument.  The sequence of events is:   1. Set up the instrument so that a suitable trace is… (Show more)
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Derrick Ijames
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Hi all,   I have some inconvinience witht he M8190A AWG. I am trying to generate a multi-tone output. Therefore I use the Soft Front Panel for the M8190A. When setting the Tone Distribution to "Arbitrary", you could define the tones yourself, including amplitude and phase. I am wondering how the amplitude given in this field relates to the output… (Show more)
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Hello!   Since last year I'm using remote control of PNA N5232A with python-implementation of HiSLIP. Nowadays our laboratory has bought two new PNA N5231A, and usage of the remote control cause next problem with data transfers messages from Server (N523xA) to client:    1. If data is short (length of data  is smaller than Maximum Message Size)… (Show more)
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As per the subject, our E8257D is responding very slowly on ":STAT:QUES:POW:COND?" query. It takes about 10 seconds until  value is returns and it seems intermittent behaviour.   Thanks in advance.
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Hi, I have a 33612a dual channel WFG. I want to work in the coupled two-channel mode, where the frequencies have a constant ratio (e.g. f1 = 2*f2). In addition, I want to add an amplitude modulation at some other lower frequency to one of the channels. I get an error message when I try to do this. Is this something that the instrument can't do,… (Show more)
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My 34970A just started to have a strange behavior...Sometimes let itself be powered, sometimes not! Although the self-test shows PASS, tested both ways - with and without 34901A card plugged into, intriguingly the unit fails to work after about 15 min, when the display starts flashing with all colorful LED segments. Once it started to flash, the… (Show more)
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I am trying to do simultaneous measurements with two 34401A's over GPIB. Each is setup identically (10V, no autozero, no qutorange, 0.02 NPLC, 4 digit resolution), and I am using GPIB (BUS) triggering (with a trigger delay of 2 ms). I am using 10 samples, but that doesn't affect the issue. The two meters are identical except for firmware: one… (Show more)
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Hi, Can anybody let me know, what is the mathematical model for CLIN (Ideal coupled transmission line) in ADS, and how can an equivalent circuit model of CLIN be constructed from TLIN (Ideal 2-terminal transmission line) and other lumped elements. I am asking this because, the ADS help files do not provide any background information or details… (Show more)
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