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Announcement 1 Keysight Discussion Forum Migration to a New Platform!
Announcement:Keysight Discussion Forum Migration to a New Platform!

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Hey,   My setup is as follows:   USB instrument (Tektronix AFG1062) connected with USB to the gateway. Gateway connected with LAN cable through USB-C adapter to the laptop.   Web-enabled interface is able to recognize the USB instrument, but the Keysight connection expert is not.   I've ensured the firmwares are the latest

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I am using the function  y = FrontPanel_wave_1st_transition_rise_time(data,base,top,base_threshold_pct,top_threshold_pct) to measure the rise time of a signal by transient simulation. I would like to sweep the input frequency and measure the rise time for each output. This function appears to be failing while using sweep. Is there a
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I am trying to use SCPI commands to communicate with my Agilent N7788B Optical Component Analyzer. I am using a National Instruments GPIB-USB-HS to connect the N7788B to my Windows 7 PC. For now, I am simply using the Keysight Connection Expert to send/receive SCPI commands to/from the N7788B.   I am able to connect to the N7788B, and when I
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