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I want to test run an ADS deck provided as an example to show a ADS EM solved layout can be used as a component in circuit simulation. I got the error below. It seems the pin number of the EM component is the total port number(=10). However in the EM layout view, the actual pin number is bigger 36(greater than port number). How to fix this?

Hi, I'm learning Empro for simulating PCB board. But I have problem about parameterizing the coil inductor model as shown in the link Optimizing Filter Performance Using Integrated 3D EM Simulation - YouTube    In that video, I find a useful Empro project named C03104T_Geom_Coil. Could Keysight engineers share the project
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I have written an equation for plotting the load power contour of RF power amplifier in data display window. The function is used "" contour() "" to plot the power. This function is giving an error that the 1st argument of the function, which is the load power in dBm, is a surface data and it is unable to contour the surface, an invalid surface