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Nicole Faubert
Emerging technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality(AR)/(VR) and autonomous vehicles are driving big data and traffic explosion beyond 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) speeds in data centers. A key theme at the Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition (OFC) 2018, the largest… (Show more)
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As the world continues to trend toward increased energy savings and green energy sources, more and more heavy machinery and vehicles are becoming electrified. Mechanical combustion engines are being replaced by electric motors as part of this technology trend. As these demands accelerate, higher expectations for reliable and safe power are… (Show more)
Hi,   I am planning to use PNA-X N5247A to characterize an amplifier chip with wafer probes. I would like to use the PNA-X to do most of the characterizations (S-parameters, AM-AM, AM-PM, IMD). Our machine is a 4-port configuration with most of the options (400, 419, 423, 010, 080, 083, 084, 020) but do not have the optiosn 086 & 087 installed.… (Show more)
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If you can't see the video, please download it in the attachment. 
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Infiniium 9000 Series Oscilloscope Software for Windows 7   Can I update from Software Revision:04.60.0005 to Software Revision:06.20.00620 directly? or should I update to Release version 05.75.00214 first
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I've just updated my 34465A to FW 2.17, and <HELP> => <ABOUT> shows a new license option, called AVG - Enable AC average measurements..   I don't find that license on the support site for the 34465A/470A.. so what's this about, how can I activate this option? Frank
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Hi,   What remote commands are needed to use pin 1 and 2 of the digital I/0 as outputs. And what is the specific command to trigger the output to 1(TRUE)  for some ms?     BR Eval.
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In the previous edition of The Four Ws, I reviewed the fundamentals of adjacent channel power (ACP). This time I’m discussing the WHAT, WHY, WHEN and WHERE of harmonic distortion measurements. Measuring harmonic distortion will help you validate the proper functioning of your device’s components and, in turn, avoid interference with systems… (Show more)