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Duane Lowenstein
Upgrading consumer technology is often advertised as being “easy,” and sometimes it is. But it’s the things they don’t tell you that can drive you crazy. That new cell phone looks sleek and perfect—until you realize you now have a drawer full of charging cords you can’t use. That high-resolution, eight-inch

Agilent 33522A Firmware version 2.01 Installed Options: 002 (16MSa/Channel)                           400 (GPIB interface) Programming Enviroment: LabVIEW 2012, Windows 7 Hi, I'm having a difficult time trying to
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In ADS2011 they have included parameters for metal surface roughness.  I have imported a structure into EMPro 2011 from ADS2011 with these parameters but cannot find equivalent parameters in EMPro.  Does anyone know how EMPro is handling this parameter? Also, can the metal conductivity be parametrized?  
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When you manually select a scale for the x-axis of a live plot, all of the x-axis ticks are on one whole scale unit, i.e. 0 1 2 ... For the y-axis the first graph y-axis tick does not snap to a integer multiple of the scale. A sample graph is included below   Is there a way in BenchVue to have the y-axis snap to whole multiples of scale?