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We are trying to connect a DSP system, that supplies a 28 V(DC) voltage, to a function generator (33500B series). However, as soon as we connect the cable, a warning displaying “* Channel Overload *” pops-up. What could be causing the problem, since the input maximum to the waveform generator is  /- 42 Vpk? Thank you in advance!

Hi, I have an N9912A and I would like to know if is there any posibility to install a GPS receiver on that unit to give Geo location. Thanks.
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I have recently purchased a DSOX-3014T oscilloscope with free MSO upgrade and DSOXT3APPBNDL. The first thing I wanted to try out is the integrated demonstration feature of the scope, but the "Auto Demo" and "App Demo" options are missing under the help menu. Only "Training Signals" is available. I thought these are parts of the DSOXEDK software
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Hello!   Might be a simple question, but I can't find the answer. Say I've drawn up a schematic for a 90˚ coupler. I've simulated the schematic, got the results I wanted, and then generated the layout. However, I ran the Momentum planar simulator, and the simulation results aren't that great.   So now what? In schematic you can just