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Bob Witte
Earlier this month, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) decided to allocate nearly 11 GHz of spectrum for 5G mobile broadband use. If you need some good bedtime reading, try the 278-page document; for a concise summary, see “FCC OKs sweeping Spectrum Frontiers rules to open up nearly 11 GHz of spectrum.”   The FCC made

I want to know the characteristic impedance of differential line by ADS2011. But this has something wrong. I hope someone can help me.thanks  I set the parameter like the follow figures. and I follow the example ( CPW_Diff_lines_Finite_Prj) of the ads2011. I tranfer the 8 ports into 4 ports, and then tranfer 4 ports into 2 ports, and
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Watch this live demo and see the latest for phased-array beamforming software for 5G, Radar, and EW Systems.    Introducing SystemVue 2016See a live demo of SystemVue 2016. The new capabilities enable researchers and system architects working on platforms using beamforming algorithms for 5G, satellite, NewSpace, radar and EW
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IUnknown* ****   = 0; IApplication*   pNA = 0; IChannel* pChan  = 0; IArrayTransfer* pTrans = 0; IMeasurements*  pMeass = 0; IMeasurement*   pMeas  = 0; ........... hr=****->QueryInterface(IID_IApplication,(void**)&pNA);   if (!FAILED(hr))    {     hr =