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The old ENAs do not allow one to important a calibration kit. You have to type it in manually. The new ENAs do allow you do this. Does anyone know what ENA, and/or what firmware version first started allowing this? I have ascertained that an   A discontinued E5061A running firmware 3.01 (July 2007) on XP does not allow one to save a cal kit.

I have recently purchased a DSOX-3014T oscilloscope with free MSO upgrade and DSOXT3APPBNDL. The first thing I wanted to try out is the integrated demonstration feature of the scope, but the "Auto Demo" and "App Demo" options are missing under the help menu. Only "Training Signals" is available. I thought these are parts of the DSOXEDK software
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I have a problem with my 34410A multimeter. In some ranges it measures properly, in some with a little offset. I tried to calibrate it. It passed the ADC calibration but it fails the DMM calibration. I get error 707 Calibration error: signal measurement out of range in the first DMM calibration step which is zero adjustment. I ran a