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Hi, My name is Moshe I'm Physics Lab. technical staff  at TA University. I have a win XP system running a VEE application. It has a PCI-GPIB card and 3 instruments connected : 2 DMM's hp34401 1 Power Supply AMREL PPS1203 My task for now is to setup a similar system. I arranged another PC with a PCI-GPIB and a Power supply

Looks like the superscript -2j atan(omega * LT / ZR) in equation 2B.6 (page 33) got lost when AN1287-11 (5989-4840EN.pdf) was reformatted in Keysight-ese.  The superscript is OK in the copy that's still hosted by but not in Keysight's version. Not sure where this sort of thing should be reported, but just FYI....
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Hi Everyone! I have a PNA N5224A model and am having difficulty locating the commands to adjust the parameters found in the "Source Power Calibration Options" dialog box. I will use the "Use a power meter once, then use the PNA reference receiver." within a "Cal All" Calibration.  From the front panel this setting appears to apply