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Duane Lowenstein
Upgrading consumer technology is often advertised as being “easy,” and sometimes it is. But it’s the things they don’t tell you that can drive you crazy. That new cell phone looks sleek and perfect—until you realize you now have a drawer full of charging cords you can’t use. That high-resolution, eight-inch

I want to know the characteristic impedance of differential line by ADS2011. But this has something wrong. I hope someone can help me.thanks  I set the parameter like the follow figures. and I follow the example ( CPW_Diff_lines_Finite_Prj) of the ads2011. I tranfer the 8 ports into 4 ports, and then tranfer 4 ports into 2 ports, and
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IUnknown* ****   = 0; IApplication*   pNA = 0; IChannel* pChan  = 0; IArrayTransfer* pTrans = 0; IMeasurements*  pMeass = 0; IMeasurement*   pMeas  = 0; ........... hr=****->QueryInterface(IID_IApplication,(void**)&pNA);   if (!FAILED(hr))    {     hr =