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I am having problems with my radio test application on desktop since I reinstalled windows 7 service pack 1. The error   Anyone please help, any ideas?

Colin Warwick
This Case Study highlights work in a paper N-Conductor Passive Circuit Modeling for Power Converter Current Prediction and EMI Aspect by Roberto Mrad, Florent Morel, Cael Pillonnet, Christian Vollaire, Phillppe Lombard, and Angelo Nagari. The high di/dt edges in switched-mode power supplies (SMPSs) can create EMI problems especially if the layout
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Hi, My name is Moshe I'm Physics Lab. technical staff  at TA University. I have a win XP system running a VEE application. It has a PCI-GPIB card and 3 instruments connected : 2 DMM's hp34401 1 Power Supply AMREL PPS1203 My task for now is to setup a similar system. I arranged another PC with a PCI-GPIB and a Power supply
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As an electronic load I am using a N3300A Frame with two N336A modules used inside parallel. It is connected in series with a voltage source and my device under test (DUT).   I am using the load in Transient Current mode where I set the low level to 0A and the high level to 88A. I measured that the zero Amp setting is not giving me an