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How to convert binary (.bin file) to ascii file?

Question asked by Matjazz on Dec 15, 2019
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how can I convert .bin file to ascii file (.txt, .csv or any other type)? I want to make conversion on computer using some script and then analyze acii data in Originlab. The binary file has 40 segments (i.e., waveforms) for each of the four channels. I found Phyton and C scripts on Keysight website to read bin files but they don't work. I don't have Matlab to read binary files. Why doesn't Keysight provide simple converter from binary file to ascii file? What's the point of providing binary format if one cannot read it? Please help, I'm getting desperate here! I am working with large data sets and I cannot save files in .csv format because it takes minutes to save the data. I need to work with binary format.





p.s. I'm using DSOX3034T Oscilloscope but binary files should be the same for all InfiniiVision Oscilloscopes.