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How can I use Command Expert with Lavbiew

Question asked by CerineMOKHTARI on Jan 13, 2021

I recently started working with a P5008a VNA. I want to command it with LabVIEW. So as I found in the website, I had to install Command Expert. This would allow me to have the LabVIEW Add-on for Command Expert.


Here comes the problem, I can't seem to find the Add-on on my LabVIEW.


I already had LabVIEW on my computer before installing Command Expert so I don't understand why the Add-on doesn't get installed.


While doing the installation again, I noticed that the installer can't find LabVIEW. I see the Excel Add-on and the Matlab Add-on but not the LabVIEW one.


Does anyone have any idea on how to make this work ?


Thank you.