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Linking parameters in ADS

Question asked by Tec5c on Nov 17, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2020 by sdgrant

I am working with a custom Verilog-A model which has been imported into ADS. The model contains a vast number of parameters where some values are equal to one another. This becomes a bit laborious when having to tune the model as you need to simultaneously tune upwards of 6 parameters which need to be of the same value. I am looking for a way in which to link parameters to one another so that by tuning one parameter, the values of the other parameters will follow. I have tried a few different approaches to no avail. Coming from an IC-CAP background where this is straight forward, I highly assume it can be done. Typical approaches that have been tried include (for example if I want R1=R2=100) R1=100, R2="R1".. R1=100, R2="*model instance name*..R1". Neither of which seemed to work...


Any help would be greatly appreciated.