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Is Touchstone Version 2.0 format used on the PNA-X

Question asked by DHealy on Sep 14, 2020
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I was just reading about the format of Touchstone files and I was wondering if Touchstone File Format Specification Version 2.0 which was ratified by the IBIS Open Forum on April 24th 2009 has ever been implemented in Network Analyzers, specifically the PNA-X? The format of the SnP file that is captured from a Network Analyzer appears to be in the standard 1.0 version but I think ADS can handle 2.0 formatted files.


If if can be done on a PNA-X, then where is the menu to change options that will be used in the file e.g. [ keywords ]?

If it is not possible now, is it something that can be rolled out in a firmware upgrade as Version 2.0 offers a lot of additional features and greater flexibility?




I may have misinterpreted this from the 2.0 specifications ( page 13, point 1, "In Version 1.0 files, no more than four pairs of n-port parameters are allowed per network data line. No restriction exists on the number of data pairs on a line in Version 2.0 files." ), but can all the S-Parameter data points for a single frequency point appear on the same line in Touchstone Version 2.0 or it it still required to be in an NxM matrix format in files higher than an S2P?


Page 16 of specifications under example 14:

"Rules for Version 2.0 Files:
As noted earlier and as required by the general rules, each group of network parameter data is preceded by
the frequency value at which the data was taken. The rest of the data for that frequency may follow on the
same line or be split across multiple lines with intervening line termination sequence or character. Each
frequency point shall begin after a line termination sequence or character, on the first column of the line.".





I also like the the option to change the Reference port impedance of all ports in version 2.0.