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81150A LAN remote control problem

Question asked by llemish on Nov 12, 2017

We are using LAN remote control of the 81150A and a few other Keysight devices. There is a local network and socket is used for 81150A control.

While we were using Windows 7 and socket implementation for Python3, response time for the 81150A was around 0.2-0.5 sec. Nowadays we has changed OS from Windows 7 to Linux Mint, and the response time is increased to 3.5 sec.

Problem analyze showed that increase only the time before first command apply. If there are a few commands that were sent one by one to the 81150A we can see around 3 sec delay only before fist command apply, time of reaction on other commands from the list are the same like it was during Windows 7 using.

Except Linux Mint, Raspbian were tried with the same result.


Thank you for help.