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3458A Error 202 Secondary Convergence: How to best isolate the faulty card

Question asked by ArmyCalibrator on Apr 22, 2016

The manual for the 3458A is vague in respect to Error 202 Secondary Test Convergence in that it calls out cards A1 and A3 without any steps to isolate which card is at fault. 

My question: How do I determine the faulty card?

Front panel wise, I can switch between functions and access menu items and execute commands, but the readings display is blank throughout. ACAL times out. I've inspected the interior for fod, loose connections, and reseated everything. 

I'm leaning heavily towards A3 because it walks and talks like an ADC problem, but before I go and order a new board, I need to be sure and I need to be able to isolate it without swapping out cards from a known good unit. 

Am I think Zebra or Horse?