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Ground reference for internal port_momentum

Question asked by Leyo on Mar 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by jeff0283
This is regarding the ground reference for the internal and EDge ports in ADS momentum (Version used ADS2012 08).
Going through the following link and other documentation, would like to make sure that I am doing it correct. 

Attached below are the substrate definition and layout==>

Read that the Edge port P1 and internal ports  P4 P7 etc. will get implicit ground reference  if there is "Infinite ground plane in the substrate definition"
How to do this in the substrate definition ?. 
Is my substrate definition OK and take care of the infinite ground plane?
Do I need to  select the option "Add Reference pin " in my case?
Also, in my PCB, I have shielding around 1 cm above the copper. I have defined it as cover in the substrate definition. Am I doing it correct?