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Hi   I'm new to VEE. I have inherited an application that was written using HP-VEE 5.01.  We're currently upgrading the OS and computer to Windows 7 and are planning to use VEE 9.32.  Will the old VEE program work out of the box with the new VEE software?  Are there any known pitfalls that I should watch for when transitioning

I am trying to do simultaneous measurements with two 34401A's over GPIB. Each is setup identically (10V, no autozero, no qutorange, 0.02 NPLC, 4 digit resolution), and I am using GPIB (BUS) triggering (with a trigger delay of 2 ms). I am using 10 samples, but that doesn't affect the issue. The two meters are identical except for firmware: one
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