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Work your way through the examples to design an amplifier and an active mixer. Learn how to tune and optimize your design. Become familiar with ADS libraries and quickly add components to your design. Great for beginners, the step-by-step screenshots demonstrate how to get started using ADS without assuming any prior experience. Download the ADS

I'm about to take the plunge on a new (to me) E4445A analyzer.  I need to clarify a few things before proceeding this week.   1) Does this model indeed have a quasi-peak detector as standard ?   2) Is there any way to get am, fm demodulation and listen to the result ?  The front panel volume control and headphone jack, which
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Hello I am having problems with a visual basic screen dump program written by Agilent. When used with gpib it works great.And when reading the bas file it explains how to make it work with lan--         ' Open the session.  Note: For E4406A, to use LAN, change the string to     '