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Eun-Young Hwang
Around the world, government statistics paint an unhappy picture: every year, thousands of people lose their lives and millions are injured in car accidents. In the US and Europe, recent government mandates are requiring automakers to incorporate various types of safety systems, and this is prompting scientists and engineers to develop new and

If you’re looking for help designing a broadband Power Amplifier (PA), the 3D Smith Chart may be just the answer for you. 3D Smith Charts can be easily generated from Keysight’s Advanced Design System (ADS) software using Python scripts. You don’t even need to know Python. A Data Link with Python in ADS provides a simple way for
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Hello, I downloaded the VNA uncertainty measurement calculator at and am now trying to figure out how to correctly apply it. In my specific case, I have a two port circuit that was measured on an E5071B VNA using the 85033E cal kit. I figured out how to enter this information into the calculator
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I inherited a test program that uses Microsoft Excel and Agilent Intuilink to capture screen shots and trace data from an E4440A spec an to a PC running Windows XP. Soon these test PCs will be upgraded to Windows 7 and from what I've read, Intuilink does not support Windows 7. Is there an update to Intuilink that does? If not, what are my
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In Keysing PNA Applications web side you can find small utility that display power sensor reading. There is a statement: "This utility works with the U200x and U848x series of USB power sensors and will run on any PNA (or PC!) that has Keysight IO Libraries version M (13) or above": So it stated " or PC" ...Well I try to run that on few PCs and