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I am using E5061B network analyser.   1. I am getting S11 data from analyser 2. How to calculate the resistance and capacitance from s11 data? 3. In s11 data..we have 3 columns with data 4.First Column : frequency 5. second Column : Magnitude 6. third Column : Phase angle 7. How to calculate the resistance and

Hey,    I am working on E5071B, but when port calibration using female calibration kit the result can not flat 0.0 for the log mag ( screen captured). Is this normal ? Or need to repair for the calibration kit ?  Additional info, when I am using malem calibration kit the result can 0.0 flat for the log mag. Please help me.
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It would be nice if in a future firmware update <hint, hint> for the 2000-X Series that you could screen capture the snapshot measurements screen. One screen capture with all of the available info needed in one graphics file. Its just a hassle to capture screen measurements four settings at a time.   Just an item for future
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I received an old 8753E that was being thrown out by a telecom company and I ran into an issue during calibration. I requested some information from a company to perform a cal and they told me to check Tests 21, 22 and 17. Test 17 (ADC Linearity) fails. Going through the service manual, under power calibrations, I get stuck at Test 53. After Test