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I have two channels and I'm sending signal to them via 33522B Waveform generator. However, I'm unable to get query results for phase and query. Is there any prerequisites to use them ?

Hello The problem is as showed below, when I open my libries. But few days before it works, same setting without any change.
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hi, first, this is the first time i'm working with all of this... i am trying to read measured values from a 3458a multimeter. I'm working with excell and VBA and i managed to get readings into excell sheets, however i can't figure out how to get one reading at a time along with the time at which it was taken. Currently i can get one set of
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Hello I am having problems with a visual basic screen dump program written by Agilent. When used with gpib it works great.And when reading the bas file it explains how to make it work with lan--         ' Open the session.  Note: For E4406A, to use LAN, change the string to     '