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Which is max. readout frequency for current draw measurements ?   GPIB interface is currently used. Port 0..25 V was used. I experienced approx. 4 current draw values per second as max readout frequency via GPIB. Is this documented somewhere ? I did not yet found this in the 'User's manual' .

Most low and medium cost SA’s (spectrum analyzers) have a lower frequency limit equal to 100 kHz, or so. It is the case of my N1996A. Sometimes you need to analyze audio frequencies and it is good to know that it is possible to use such SA’s for the task. The “secret” is to
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Good morning, I have a question on the N8736A power supply. We have one and we program it via Analog signal. We noticed that the OVP protection triggers without measuring with an oscilloscope a voltage at the output. Is it possible that if OVP protection is programmed at 40V and we apply an analog signal that should drive the PS output over