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error when reinstalling OS windows 7 service pack 1 and reinstalling complete software + vee for hf radio tester. how to rectify this, please help.

Hello please where is possible to find or who has got firmware to spectrum analyzer HP 8591A (old version) ? I need U6 U7 U23 U24 and there are 27C512 eprom s. Labeled is 08590-80154 900103  (1990 year).or another about 1990-91?  In this older type of CPU board is not possible to install 27C010 eproms with newer firmware (PAL array with
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Hai all, I have specific task of using the edge then edge trigger and store the wave forms for offline analysis. Have two time-correlated  random pulse trains into ch 1 & 2. I arm with ch1 and trigger  with edge then edge trigger mode on event 0. When I use quick save using multipurpose trigger task, I was expecting each set/file