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I get this error when trying to open a visa test panel in NI Max Error opening resource TCPIP0:: Visa(hex 0xBFFF0012) invalid resource reference specified. Parsing error. I can successfully ping the IP address with dos cmd. The N5242A will work with a different hard drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Want to show off your cool project? E-mail and your project could be featured here!   Quinton Martins, the leader of the Mountain Lion Project at the Audubon Canyon Ranch (ACR) in Northern California, had a problem.  Mountain lions needed to be trapped and GPS-tagged for research, but traditional trapping methods
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I work to communicate via rs485-usb converter with 2 energy analyzer. Baudrate:9600 Character size:8 Stop bits:1 Parity:none.Sometimes it give the error 701 and error 811 during communication. Sometimes it give about 4-5 hours this errors. And generally this error being in same register address. What it think about that issue? Can you have any