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The max. voltage rating for 3446xA and 34470A was changed in the specification recently, downgraded to 600V DC / 440V AC only.   What's the reason behind? Can I still use the full 1000V DC or 750V AC, as imprinted on my 1 1/2 years old 34465A? Will Keysight fix all units, to bring them to full specification again?   Frank

Will the 83752B Synthesized Sweeper work as a source for 8510C? The 8510C Pre-Flight setup document only lists up to 8360 series and not the 8370 and hence not sure if its readily compatible with 8510C or weather there are significant hoops I need to jump over to get them to work. Any insight you have would help.   Thanks, Sujith
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Hello Two questions 1. I have some verification kits with the data stored on floppy and tape, what format are these in and how can I transfer the files to a windows computer, the PNA-X Im using does not have a floppy. 2. How can I manually make a verification kit file, I have some NMI cal reports but only paper format, is there a program (like