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Hi: I want to control E5052B from my arm board which is running linux. I use socket communication to send SCPI commands to port 5025. The communication can be established, but E5052B doesn't respond to the command. Hope anyone can help with this, thanks in advance!

ØEvaluation Case Adding random jitter in Tx IBIS-AMI model. Two cases will be demoed, one is using SystemVue to build the jitter and generate the Tx IBIS-AMI model, another is adding jitter info manually in .ami file. ØObjectives To analyze user-defined random jitter and its effect on channel simulation
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Hi! I need the Matlab code to get the plot of attenuation agains Frequency. I wrote one but  i did not get the true plot. The spectrum analyzer is connected with GPiB. I hope u could help. set(mxa,’InputBufferSize’,4005); % instrument response timeout set(mxa,’Timeout’,5); fopen(mxa); % Set the data trace