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Hi, I just tried to download the trial for the ADS 2016. When I installing the "installAnywhere"  all the way to 100% it did not showing anything after that. I am using windows 10 for my system. I don't know this is a compatible problem or just I need to install something else before I install this ADS 2016?

Hi, I'm running my E3634A power supply with Python and have one minor issue with that. Everything seems to work smoothly, but for some reason following messages are printed out in command prompt after I fired my python script. Any ideas? I'm able to e.g. read/write/query voltage values without any problems.   Devsess can be locked.
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Hi, I'm trying to automate some Linux command line stuff that I have been doing with Putty up till now. I have connected to my device with the Direct I/O (serial), but I'm having trouble reading back the info returned in a useful way. For example, the ls command returns a list of files in a particular directory. I have been able to read the