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I'm looking for a way to call some trigger functionality in C++/COM code. I've spent quite a while looking through all the IIvi* com interfaces for IIviScope, IIviDriver, etc as well as AgilentInfiniium driver sources, but still I cannot figure all the functionality I need. I work with a few scopes, e.g DSO-X 3xxx, DSO9xxxx, DSO7xxxx.
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Hello, I am new to ADS momentum . I am just simulating  a simple CPW line in ADS 2014 . It is on 0.3 mm GaAS (Er 12.9) substrate and Signal line width is 0.08mm and gap is 0.03mm.Simulation frequency is 1-40GHz. I don't understand how to assign the port to Ungrounded CPW in Momentum.I have tried using slot line but in slot you cannot give