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can any of you comment on what you use to quickly view touchstone files? It seems to be something that is lacking in terms of featured touchstone file viewer, usually there are viewing tools that are built into  large simulation packages but I have not come across just a viewer. Do most people just end up writing their own? here are the

I've been trying for some time to find a formal definition of the APC-7 connector, so that I can model an open-circuit APC-7 using a 3D EM simulator. I believe this was jointly designed by HP and Amphenol, but whilst I found an engineering drawing on the Amphenol wen site, I did not find it sufficient for my needs.  But today something kit
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Hello, This is a question about how to model a Schottky Diode. As we know, schottky diode is diffrent from PN-Junction diode, but only PN diode can be modelled in ADS, and how to model a schottky diode using PN-Junction diode equivalently. In fact, a schottky diode MA4E1317 will be simulated, and the question is there are so many parameters in