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I own an MSOX-4034A that has been in a lab but unplugged for over a year. Upon plugging it in, the boot-up fails to complete, stalling during the front-panel light test, with the REF light stuck "ON" and that's where it ends. The front panel light test doesn't complete and the LCD screen never shows any bootup (I believe the screen doesn't

Hi, Our oscillograph  InfiniiVision 4000X MSO-X 4154A was not used very long time . Now the oscillograph is not starting: after pressing power-on key all LEDs on a control panel blink twice. After that only one LED (near "Ref" button) is on. The display keep black, fan work, oscillograph does not react to pressing any button. Five times
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So I have the Agilent DSO-X 2014A scope and when turning it on seems that the scope freezes after starting a boot up routine.   The following all happens within a few seconds after pressing the power switch.   Light up yellow Ref soft key arrow Light up yellow Math soft key arrow Light up yellow Digital soft key arrow Light up