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EMPro Workshop provides various Lab examples to show the complete Electro-Magnetic (EM) simulation flow and the procedure from processes like solid modeling, simulation setup, simulations, data display, and post processing. These lab examples are based on FEM (Finite Element Method) and Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) simulation technologies.

Duane Lowenstein
I have a friend who owns a classic old BMW. He loves that car. It’s fast, reliable, and fits him like a glove. It has plenty of bells and whistles—nothing like the newer models, of course, which are rolling data centers. But that’s part of the appeal. There are fewer parts to break. Except that now, when they do break, it’s
Top & Trending
Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) is Agilent EEsof EDA's new software design platform for analyzing the electromagnetic effects of RF and microwave components such as high-speed IC packages, antennas, on-chip and off-chip embedded passives and PCB interconnects. EMPro features the most modern design, simulation and analysis environment, highest