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I want to connect my computer to 33250A function generator. I installed keysight IO suite and connect my computer and function generator using a usb-GPIB cable. I set the IO port of 33250A as GPIB and set the address 10. In the keysight IO GUI, I also set the GPIB address as 10, and then press the scan button, but nothing is detected. I don't know

I am trying to change the static IP address of FieldFox N9952A, but whenever I do any modification in the IP (even one digit), it shows that the IP is invalid. Is there a certain update that needs to be installed for this modification to be accepted? Thanks.
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С появлением новых редакций спецификаций и ростом скорости передачи данных совершенствуются и спецификации приёмников шины PCI Express®. Например, параметры приёмника нормируются при скоростях обмена 2,5 ГТ/с (Гигатранзакций/с) и 5 ГТ/с в опорной точке за пределами чипсета PCI Express, содержащего этот приемник, или при скоростях обмена 8
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Hi All, I am currently trying to use a N6752A to emulate a battery charger. This is a task that I often perform with the E3633A. The task involves forcing the supply into CC mode with a voltage and current limit. I use a source meter(in this case the N6785A) to sink the current. The idea is that the supply increases current until it hits the