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If you’re an Infiniium user, you’ll definitely want to keep reading. The 6.1 software update just launched and it’s packed with new features that will improve your testing efficiency. Use this as a guide to make use of the new tools and enhancements that you’ll find in this software update.   These updates include:

I have seen Keysight demo of Fieldfox microwave analyzer with VSA running on Panasonic Tough Pad: Is it possible to use similar setup using my Fieldfox N9916A to somehow run Keysight 5990-5931EN DVB-T2 software? I am looking for a reasonably portable solution to replace an aging R&S ETC with DVB-T software. Thank you.
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Enjoying the new (to me) PSA but a bit bummed out that the Peak Table softkey is missing.  It's in the manual and even referred to in the help screen for search parameter effects.   It doesn't appear that the key is context sensitive to settings as far as I can tell.   Is there a chance of getting this function back, realizing
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We have a 54845A with a shot attenuator on Channel 1 (Input Overload). I spoke with Agilent and they are not supporting now, with no idea of anyone who can support repair. Any ideas on vendors (not Agilent) who will do repairs on these scopes? Regards, CB