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Our E5071C is running on Windows XP. I want to put the analyzer on the network so I can access it remotely. However, our IT department doesn't allow Windows XP DCHP access anymore. Is there an option to upgrade to Windows 7,8 or 10? 

I want to do power measurement and comparison between 2 RF signals. Does PNA-X support probing measurement? Another question: Can I use PNA-X to supply 10MHz reference signal constantly or it's always 2-port measurement for PNA-X? Thank you in advance for helping me.
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Introduction In a previous post we described how phase noise information can be extracted from real-time oscilloscope waveform acquisitions using two different techniques to demodulate the phase. In this article we’ll take a look at the potential accuracy of the serial data clock recovery technique, what kinds of signals can reasonably be
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I am simulating a coupled line in momentum and I dont know how to compute the even mode and odd mode impedances. The structure consists of a simple pair of coupled lines. For the even mode impedance computation, I set up the ports on each side as common mode ports with 50 ohms impedance and the association is the port below/above it. I looked at