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Hi dear folks of this forum. I need your help in identifying one broken part on the DSO 6054A. I am attaching a picture of the part along with the ref number. Also the scope doesn't read any signal on all 4 channels. I think U3505 is a +12V LDO and U3507 is a 3.3V LDO but need to confirm before I replace them. U3505 and U3507 ??   Thanks'

Hi, I have an old secondhand N9320B, it worked well, but last week I did alignment and since then it do not show any signal any more! There is only one yellow line showed at very top or bottom of the  screen. Other functions of the machine such as change frequency, span, bw, marker etc seen work ok. Signal level on the screen changed
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Hi, I am trying to run a simulation in ADS using momentum on a board that I received from a customer. Unfortunately, the board files were delivered to me as Altium files and not as cadence file so I had to import the layout using the ODB++ file structure. The files import fine and the stack up looks correct to me but I keep getting the