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I have GUI that controls the N9320B via GPIB.  My GUI allows the user to select between Center/Span and Start/Stop freq and the display on the SpecA should reflect the users choice.  This worked on the now obsolete Agilent SpecA that has been replaced by the KeySight N9320B.  The KeySight display changes between Center/Span and

Hello,   I have a problem with imported dlls in VEE. I have developed a test program, test.vee, which imports 2 dlls to control a wifi device and a wifi test instrument.   If an error occurs in the external routine and the routine fails, VEE locks some resources and keeps the connection to instrument. How can I make VEE to release the
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We are using E5052B to measure the output phase noise of a DDS module. At 300.01MHz output the measured Phase Noise at 10 KHz offset is -142dBc/Hz. However, when I configure the DDS module for 300MHz Output, phase noise will increase to -130dBc/Hz (12dB Difference). The only difference between these two tones is several near-carrier spurs (less
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Потребность в широкополосных услугах связи растет в геометрической прогрессии. Когерентная обработка оптического сигнала и использование современных форматов цифровой модуляции позволяют существенно повысить пропускную способность сетей с 10 Гбит/с и 40 Гбит/с до 100 Гбит/с и еще более высоких значений. Так, например, уже созданы оптические