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OmniBer 718 (37718B) how can i entry firmware upgrade mode when power up to update my analyzer's firmware?, I have already order 5 disks set (37718-10066) Main Firmware Series 4 before. but i forgot how to operation.

I recently cheaply got an HP8590b spectrum analyzer (front panel says 50ohm, but option menu says 001, 75ohm) having a dead battery and booting with an error (0030-00000000). After replacing the battery, the instrument does not boot anymore: I have to remove the battery, short the supercap (by a resistor) to <1v and again it boots (with the
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Serial Data Interface is an important video application.  This UDA allows you to test SDI with your Infiniium oscilloscope. To run this application, first you need to unzip the package.  Then you need to unzip the "install_Example.SDI" on your oscilloscope and then instal the "setup_Example.SDI.exe" on your oscilloscope. You need to
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Hello all,    I am working on obtaining small voltage data via an "Agilent Infinitii Vision DSO-C 2022A." I then save these voltage and FFT data to a .csv format. The problem is that the transfer time is much too long to save the more than100,000 data points we are obtaining from the scope. I wrote a program that would run an FFT