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Hi,   I have a non-linear output equation of an amplifier vo = a1*vi + a2*vi^2+a3*vi^+H.O.T... and I want to implement the equation in ADS. How would I do that?

With Keysight 85052D cal kit definitions in hand, how can i mathematically determine the modeled phase of a coaxial open and/or short at the connector, rather than at the end of the offset?   I have Keysight measurement data for my 85052D which gives nominal values for modeled phase, so i know what sort of results I should be getting.
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I have here N9030A with WLAN application for 802.11ah. My problem is that there is pass/fail limit set in the application for  EVM test at -999dB and the instrument always says FAIL when testing. I tryied to reprogram it manually and remotely and when reading the limit remotely it reads what I program there, but on the screen it always sais