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Hi dear folks of this forum. I need your help in identifying one broken part on the DSO 6054A. I am attaching a picture of the part along with the ref number. Also the scope doesn't read any signal on all 4 channels. I think U3505 is a +12V LDO and U3507 is a 3.3V LDO but need to confirm before I replace them. U3505 and U3507 ??   Thanks'

hello, someone has dealt with this problem ??   Thanks,   Albert
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Hi, I am trying to run a simulation in ADS using momentum on a board that I received from a customer. Unfortunately, the board files were delivered to me as Altium files and not as cadence file so I had to import the layout using the ODB++ file structure. The files import fine and the stack up looks correct to me but I keep getting the