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How does the number of points affect a CW Time Sweep?  I have a CW sweep setup to look at the ratio of B/A with a 1kHz IFBW and 11 pts.  With this setup the sweep time is around 35ms.  I would like the sweep time to be 25ms so I've lowered the number of points down to 7.  I cannot increase the IFBW as the signal becomes to

hi I am using M9005A pxi vector network analyser (VNA). i have a software named Network Analyser installed in pc where I can see the data obtained through VNA . I want to save data (s21 vs time) continuously in excel files after every fixed interval of time (say 5 seconds). After Every 5 sec, i want this whole set of data saved in a different
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Just in case anyone is interested.  Below is the code for the PNA to read the contents of the a Touchstone file from the PNA using the "CALC:DATA:SnP?" query using Matlab.  It then puts each value returned into the column of a matrix.  Matlab's Instrument Control Toolbox is required for this code to run. %Set VISA Address String
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Why can't I adjust the resolution in they Layout window of ADS 21015.01?  It no longer appears under the Units/Scle tab of the Options --> Preferences dialog.  I have my length units set to mils, but there are 4 trailing decimal points.  I don't need that resolution and it flags an error when I try to export the Gerber files,