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Hello Community,   I have now access to an old but quite good networkanalyzer from Agilent E8358A.   They have Ethernet and GPIB, so far I can communicate with labview 2020 only via GPIB.   I try to automate and documentate (boring) my lab measurement on antennas. For that reason I want transfer the .s2p files and maybe Pictures in

Hi,   i'm very beginner of ADS and would like to seek advice from any of experts here What i am trying to do is extracting XY coordinate from GDS file. There are a lot of circle pads and i want to export their XY coordinate to any human readable documentation such as *.txt file. The XY coordinate here stands for XY coordinate of
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I am getting a VI_ERROR_TMO whenever I try to pull trace data from my PNA to an excel file. The pop up window states that the error is present in the third transaction. That would be the "READ TEXT x REAL64 ARRAY:201,1" command. I have tried different versions of the SCPI command, but I am still getting error messages. I then set it to NOP to make