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Hello. I am new to this device. I am using a E5071C ENA (2ports) with an external BIAS from a SMU which sweeps voltages for each frecuency. I want to confirm that the synchronization is done right and therefore I want to see the input signal that is applied on the DUT in the time domain. Can I do this connecting an oscilloscope? I expect to

Hi guys, I am trying to capture data from USB and transfer it onto my PC running BenchVue software. What I need is to continuously log data such as width of the pulse and transfer it through to my PC so that I can use it. However every time I try to capture data in Bench Vue and it receives a trigger the data capture stops. How do I
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Hi All, I am currently trying to use a N6752A to emulate a battery charger. This is a task that I often perform with the E3633A. The task involves forcing the supply into CC mode with a voltage and current limit. I use a source meter(in this case the N6785A) to sink the current. The idea is that the supply increases current until it hits the
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Key parameters of PCB materials, such as DK, TanD, dielectric height, etched trace width, copper thickness and roughness, are critical for high speed PCB transmission line design. In this mini workshop, Beatty series resonant impedance structures are used to improve accuracy of PCB material property extraction for EM simulation and signal