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I want to connect my computer to 33250A function generator. I installed keysight IO suite and connect my computer and function generator using a usb-GPIB cable. I set the IO port of 33250A as GPIB and set the address 10. In the keysight IO GUI, I also set the GPIB address as 10, and then press the scan button, but nothing is detected. I don't know

Hello,   I have a problem with imported dlls in VEE. I have developed a test program, test.vee, which imports 2 dlls to control a wifi device and a wifi test instrument.   If an error occurs in the external routine and the routine fails, VEE locks some resources and keeps the connection to instrument. How can I make VEE to release the
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С появлением новых редакций спецификаций и ростом скорости передачи данных совершенствуются и спецификации приёмников шины PCI Express®. Например, параметры приёмника нормируются при скоростях обмена 2,5 ГТ/с (Гигатранзакций/с) и 5 ГТ/с в опорной точке за пределами чипсета PCI Express, содержащего этот приемник, или при скоростях обмена 8