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Hi, How can i add rician channel in DVBS2_AWGN_BER examples, I am trying to compare BER with rician and without rician, can somebody help me please thanks. I did try to add comm channel like this but simulation results are not right for different rician k factors.I cant figure out what i am missing,Thanks

I  1 ) Stuck a couple of 3.5 mm to N adapters on the 3.5 mm test cables of my 8720D VNA. One gave me a female N, the other a male  2) Performed a full 2-port calibration of the VNA from 50 MHz to 6 GHz with an 85032B cal kit. I used no averaging, but did reduce the IF bandwidth to 1 kHz from the default 3 kHz. 3) Promptly measured