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Hi, I have a need to perform the recovery image process on an old 1680A. The instrument HDD was scrubbed by the previous owner due to security matters. I found the following thread with the link to download the image but it seems the files are not there anymore: Logic Analyzer 1680A and recovery media 01680-14106   Is it possible to

I am looking for a Windows XP SP3 Restore Image for the 16902a Logic Analysis System. It seems nowhere to be found on the main web-site. The goal is to instal the Logic and Protocol Analyzer Software v5.90, but it requires WinXP SP3, and won't install on WinXP SP2 that is currently installed on the device.
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Hello, I have a 1680A with the Adlink M-815G motherboard. It was running Win XP SP2 and LA software version 3.67 with no problems. I wanted to upgrade it to Win XP SP3 so I could run a later version of the LA software (5.70). Unfortunately, when I tried to install the SP3 patch, something went wrong and the analyzer would no longer boot. I