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Hello, I am new to ADS momentum . I am just simulating  a simple CPW line in ADS 2014 . It is on 0.3 mm GaAS (Er 12.9) substrate and Signal line width is 0.08mm and gap is 0.03mm.Simulation frequency is 1-40GHz. I don't understand how to assign the port to Ungrounded CPW in Momentum.I have tried using slot line but in slot you cannot give

I am using HDMI connector test equipment(bitifeye). An error occurs.   error message Could not connect to Unknown at TCPIP0::localhost::inst0:INSTR.  Error during VISA32 operation.  Details : Insufficient location information or resource not present in the system.   - PC    - windows 10   - keysight IO library 18
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Hello, I have a problem with modbus communication on Agilent VEE. I tried to a software which is called mbus for communication to device, it can commmunicate. The connections are correct. But when i write a transaction on VEE, it won't communicate the device (i chose ASRL). The error message: "VEE Run Time Error I/O error or timeout occured on
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Hi. Recently, i'm having trouble with the "phaselock lost" message, when i try to make a typical 2 port calibration. This seems to happen when the port 2 is involved, and seeing the s-parameters, if seems to happen about 45 ghz. The message doesn't clear, so the problem it's there consistently. In the last months, we have been making