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Hello,   I have got a faulty 8753D network analyzer with 6 GHz option here. It shows the "pase lock lost" message when operating at frequencies above 3.000 GHz.   So I traced the signal path with a 54120A scope until I found a failing 5086-7934 YIG oszillator. In source tuning mode it has no output in the range of 3 GHz to 3.1 GHz when

Hi there,   I wonder if anyone can give me a bit of advice regarding the AFR process (speaking as a complete VNA novice).   I am using a PNA-L to characterize a transmission line which is on a flexible circuit.  My eCal kit is N4431B.   The connectors to get down onto the board are Samtec bulls eye RF test
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Hi all, This is an interesting forum - and I ended up here after combing through pages of Google searches. I have a question about my newly aquired E4406E VSA. I'm an RF engineer who 15 years ago made the regrettable decision to go into a commercial function, but the RF bug never really let go. So a while ago I picked up the thread again, and