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I am trying to output a log header in xml format, my output should look like this  <Test Number ="34" value="555" />   So i have been playing with print using  .....   Now in my bt basic environment I have defined bellow   F$ = """<Test Number=""  ,"""& val$(34) & """,""

Hello,   Does anyone know if it is possible to modified the number of points that you get in the simulation? for example, when I try to export the file of the S11 parameter, can I get a particular number of points? I can do it using python, but I prefer configure the software to get faster simulations.
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Hey all, I am having trouble identifying an SCPI command that will allow me to save a screenshot of my analyzer screen to a file in a designated directory on my PC. I am using a N9010A Signal Analyzer with Command Expert and I simply need to save a screenshot to a folder as a .PNG file type. Thanks in advance!  
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I'm setting up an far field antenna range, and have an option of several NA's (5062a, 8752a,8714).  Trying (2) analyzers - 1 @ range antenna and 1 @ the AUT side. The problem is that phase measured at the receive end 'drifts' with time.  For example, it starts at 0degrees, and in 15mns will be 10degrees off.  Have simulated in