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Hi Keysight,   We ran into an issue where the only available cal kit for the particular adapter we have to use does not cover the full frequency range we need to measure over. One suggestion I got the other day was to cal the VNA/cables with our Ecal, connect a M/F adapter pair together, measure the combo and halve the S2P data. I feel like

Hello, I'm using N5247A with A.10.49.10, and DCOM. On the "Receiver Leveling Setup" dialog, under the frame, "Controlled Source Setup," the option check box, "Enable Source ALC hardware circuit," how can I set it with DCOM? I have pulse mod on src1 with 4 pulse generators, and I am using standard pulse profile. I am fully
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connected a power meter e4440 to pna, pna setup uses and external amplifier and directional coupler for r1 and a1 receivers, using pmar to display power meter as a trace on pna, noticed power meter trace changes as a function of IF bandwidth setting, how is the trace from the power meter a function of the IFBW on the pna?    with the