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Hai all, I have specific task of using the edge then edge trigger and store the wave forms for offline analysis. Have two time-correlated  random pulse trains into ch 1 & 2. I arm with ch1 and trigger  with edge then edge trigger mode on event 0. When I use quick save using multipurpose trigger task, I was expecting each set/file
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All,      I've looked back through the threads that I have saved from the list and I can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for.  I'm trying to get access to a variable that contains the directory that a VEE program was started up from.  I create a new test program each time I test a different part and store
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After spending two weeks with HP  tech support it came out that there is an undocumented bug in the SICL libraries that requires the E2050A to have a symbolic name.  This name must be listed in your DNS server on your network or you can list it locally in the   "HOSTS" file on your host PC as Greg Goebel describes.  My