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Hello Community,   Does anyone know how to set the baseline voltage of a B2912 device before / after a pulsed sweep? So what do I mean... I'm using IC-Cap to model some RF transistors after a pulsed IV-curve measurement. The pulsing is necessary to get the proper IV-curves which may be distorted by self heating and charge accumulation.

For every measurement tool your team uses, the key to success is confidence in every result. Getting a good calibration is essential to ensuring the ongoing accuracy and availability of your test assets.   Unfortunately, not every calibration is the same. Neither is every calibration laboratory. Whether you’re assessing your existing
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A friend has bought a used N9912A  * S/N US48310198 * Firmware A.03.06 * Firmware build 2009-03-31 14.54  * Seems to have been calibrated/verification ?? by "PLLB Elettronica" I've no idea of the date, as there is no cal sticker.  Options are:  106 6 GHz cable and antenna analyzer 110 Transmission measurement 111