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Hi everyone. I am a newbie in VSA software. Actually, now I am working with 89600 VSA version 17.2. I need to create digital signals (for example QPSK) in Matlab environments followed by measuring with 89600 VSA. I had followed the guidance that using savevarecording.m in Help. Unfortunately, when I recall my *.mat file in VSA it can not

Hi,   I'm using the application 'Polarization Navigator', and here are some parameters that i don't know the exact meanings when setting the polcontroller, so can someone help me?   1. about the hold off time of the polcontroller if I set the hold off time 1ms, the polcontroller will change to next sequence 1ms after the ploarimeter
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I have seen Keysight demo of Fieldfox microwave analyzer with VSA running on Panasonic Tough Pad: Is it possible to use similar setup using my Fieldfox N9916A to somehow run Keysight 5990-5931EN DVB-T2 software? I am looking for a reasonably portable solution to replace an aging R&S ETC with DVB-T software. Thank you.